Thursday, June 27, 2013

THIS LOVE WALL NOW ENHANcES THE BREAKFAst  dining room of the Cottages resort in guernville California .......when Ted and I met I knew I was going to paint a mural for him I just had no idea would be..............when he showed me the love sculpture idea I was like yeh that is perfect......being a long time skateboarder I was thinking philly love park bam lets do this and then boom we did asap!!  if yu ever make it over that the cottages are so chill and the smore pit is a totally earthly delight!!!!!!!!
big murals are liberating and tell a tale if you will of people and a way of life  on a grand scale allowing the mural and its environment to share all of lifes joys and sorrows a song that touches the soul......instantaneously so can a work of art zap yu with so much joy......yu can't help but let yur heart sing too...........

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