Monday, December 27, 2010

These are my found object sculptures. They are a conglomeration of things from the beach ,streets, mountains and sea. I say the sea because i literally pull things out of the ocean that are floating by me and bring them to land for my next project... I am always in the sea so it is natural for me to create from the thing closest to me.....i get inspired by the things that surround me constantly....whether it be people music animals or trees i am a creative spongue absorbing and expounding all at once........i believe kids are the best artists ,,,,,and they have the ability to create intuitivly with no blocks ..the big bchallenge is tapping into this intuitivness and staying open to following our hearts as we grow older...........i  create at my best from aplace that can be childlike visionary unconcious and intuitive............ the best way i can describe it  is rather raw
it can be explosive and direct or slow and  methodical...... AS long as i am inspired and feel alive about my new journeys then i am in a great place ..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to create  i love making art with kids i have some documentations of murals i painted with kids i want to post real soon........

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