Monday, December 27, 2010

NYC 2010
                                  Making art in the freezing cold on the streets of N.Y city is always invigorating .........somedays got ultra cold...then i would just start dancing to stay warm........or drinking hot fluids......there were lots of street artists all over the place i made alot of great friends here  and the christmas spirit seemed contagious at times  during this timee i got obsessed with snoflakes swirl wifflesand majic wands.....i

Painting Lago's Ice cream was an adventure.  After I  put down the first layer a  monsoon rainstorm rolled in and washed everything almost away......... We almost postponed it but the next day we had blue birds skys, so I said I'm gonna go for it... with some helpful tips from the profesional outdoor house painters we made thru was like dec 1st and as I began painting a few snow flakes dwindeled thru the cloud soaked sun rays  I put my headphones on and just started painting......
now that I look back on it I am really proud of this mural... the night stars the snow fleks the moon the love cows and the tumbeling racoons  icecream  the story had to be told! ....thanks  Lagos!!!!!!........mabye I can paint the fence next time! see you in the spring!

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